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We found Sudhir when we posted a bounty for a bit complex FaceBook to Drupal integration project that we needed some help with it.
Sudhir responded to our request for assistance quickly and provided us with a well documented solid code and professional knowledge, not to mention the superb support and affordable prices.

Since than we have started to work with Sudhir on a couple of Drupal related on going issues. Whenever we need a tip or help from a professional - we are contacting Sudhir immediately knowing he will have the answer for us.

Working with Sudhir is fun as he is talented, responsive, and very kind person. We think Sudhir is a real Internet Pro.
Well done job Sudhir, keep up the good work!

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I posted a bounty on Drupal paid services forum looking for help on a small module work. Sudhir responded to the post almost immediately. At first I was skeptical as I didn't believe he actually knew what I wanted. In the past, I have come across many developers who claimed to be able to do the job, but turned out they were only interested in getting the business regardless whether they could deliver or not. But for Sudhir's case, not only he delivered the work on time, it was exactly what I wanted too! I have no qualms recommending him to anyone who needs such professional help. 5 stars!

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We posted 2 bounties on the Drupal paid services forum seeking help with functionality that wasn't working for us or wasn't built into the modules we were using as needed. Sudhir responded to our request for assistance quickly and began working on the first project immediately.

He was able to greatly improve the GMaps module by making it gracefully handle multiple nodes being mapped to the identical location according to our instructions. This was a long-standing problem with many posts on the subject that we had found from others seeking the same functionality, but no solutions had been provided until Sudhir successfully completed this work.

So I'm sure that this project will prove helpful to many that use the GMaps module, not just meeting our needs. His work on this project was very prompt and thoroughly explained.

On the second project, he successfully helped us in working through problems we were having with importing an iCal file created by the Calendar and Views modules into a Google Calendar, then embedding the resulting Google Calendar into our website. He again thoroughly explained all aspects of the situation and worked through several issues until the job was complete.

We'd definitely recommend utilizing Sudhir's DrupalFX consulting service for any Drupal issue that you may have.

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I worked several times with Sudhir on different projects and was always impressed about the quality of his code. He works very fast and even assisted me after the actual job was done. In fact, I'm very lucky to have somemone to help me out with my several drupal problems while building my sites. Thanks a lot.

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