Itzhak Moreno

We at Moreno's LTD develops high-volume content sites that serve us in our on going internet marketing efforts.

We found Sudhir when we posted a bounty for a bit complex FaceBook to Drupal integration project that we needed some help with it.
Sudhir responded to our request for assistance quickly and provided us with a well documented solid code and professional knowledge, not to mention the superb support and affordable prices.

Since than we have started to work with Sudhir on a couple of Drupal related on going issues. Whenever we need a tip or help from a professional - we are contacting Sudhir immediately knowing he will have the answer for us.

Working with Sudhir is fun as he is talented, responsive, and very kind person. We think Sudhir is a real Internet Pro.
Well done job Sudhir, keep up the good work!

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Internet Marketing