Featured Article: Asynchronous calls in PHP / Drupal

The other day I was looking for ways to do asynchronous calls in PHP and found this great hint

Now the question was how to use this in Drupal to send email or SMS without blocking the main code.

Drupal provide a fantastic queueing capability and with that it's easy to implement this. To send an email or SMS or any such activity asynchronously do the following

Tip: Private Bulk Upload to Amazon S3 in Drupal

If you are using Amazon S3 services and need to upload large files or you want an ad-hoc "page" to upload large files that it can be downloaded by another party, S3 gives a trivially easy way to do this.
1. Create a bucket in S3
2. You'll need a policy and signature to upload. use the simple php script to generate it

$policy_doc = '{"expiration": "2199-01-01T00:00:00Z",' . "\n" .
'"conditions": [' . "\n" .
'{"bucket": "YOURBUCKETNAME"},' . "\n" .
'["starts-with", "$key", "UPLOADFOLDER/"],' . "\n" .

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